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Magnesium Body Butter


*Important Note*

Please do not order unless your local temperatures are at or below 75° F or 24° C as product is temperature sensitive. ^See note at bottom of page.^

Moisturizing body butter with the health benefits of magnesium oil infused in the mix. Magnesium is linked to easing aching joint pain and inflammation, as well as soothing psoriasis and eczema. Magnesium is also used for relaxation and as a natural anti insomnia remedy. A slight tingling sensation is normal with magnesium oil use. **Be advised this product is not recommended on cracked skin, as it may sting.**

***Please Note your Fragrance Preference In Order Notes.***

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*Essential Oil Blends*
-Wind Down Blend- For relaxation and relief at night.
-Lemongrass Rosemary Essential Oil for uplifting ache relief to get you through the day.

All organic Ingredient list:

-Coconut Oil
-Magnesium Oil
-Shea Butter
-Emulsifying Wax

^This product is temperature sensitive and can melt in heat. If you order outside of above state parameters, I can not be responsible for the state of the contents. If product should melt, it remains safe and does retain it's moisturizing properties. It will, however, lose its fluffiness and optimal texture.^